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About us

Alliance Professional Developers is a team of skilled programmers,talanted designers and developers. We think that understanding our customers requests from their first words is the key to develop an individual solution for our every client. We develop high-load platforms for large businesses, corporate websites with a unique design and easy-to-use functionality, we support and promote Internet resources. We create tools to optimize your business.


2022 started for us with 3 game projects based on blockchain technology. Talented artists and illustrators joined our team to make our projects really unique.



More and more business and government areas are moving to blockchain technology. In this regard, we hired new skilled personnel to stay on the edge of the new trends.



In connection with the coronavirus, all employees of the company moved to remote work. And at the same time staff was expanded.

Despite a difficult year, we were able to strengthen our team, as well as create a mobile application development department.



During the first year of joint work of 4 teams, which united under the APD brand, 5 large projects were created. These include: legal lead auction, multi-currency mining pool, cloud mining hosting, miner marketplace and mining power exchange.

All customers stayed with us on long-term cooperation and technical support from our side.


Foundation of the company


Employed more than 100 people
Developed over 50 projects. The company has grown to 12 people.
Passionate about blockchain technologies. Developed sha256 pool.
Created over 20 templates for themeforest


СЕО - Igor
founder of Ardera company
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СТО - Aleksei
started a software
development company
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Team Leader - Georgii
Developed his first CRM system
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Art Director - Aleksander
Udemy Design School
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Free consultation

Project budget 100 000 $